updated 2016-08-25
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musik, wxMusik, musikCube sources
a while back i downloaded all of the original source code for musikCube -- the old cvs and svn repositories -- from all of the various hosting services that supported me during development, including berlios and sourceforge. I imported them all into new git repos, and preserved their history to the best of my ability.

if you want, you can download an archived version (45mb).

avlock -- a system level lock screen replacement for android
i'd always liked android's pattern unlock, but it had one fatal flaw: you could discover someones password by simply looking at the smudges on their screen. also, nodes in the pattern could only be used once, so patterns had a max length. avlock was created to address these problems, and was eventually integrated into cyanogenmod

avlock was different than other lock screen replacements because it was developed at the operating-system level, not as a standard application. this means it can't be bypassed with basic trickery.

you can find the relevant xda thread here. and here's a youtube video showing the functionality.

parallax live wallpaper
one time i wrote a multi-layered parallax wallpaper for an xda user. it's pretty whatever. sources are here.

you can find links to things i've made in the toolbar up top. a lot of the time my projects are open source under the bsd license (but sometimes aren't for whatever reason). you can check out my github page for more information.

i work on the amazon music, myfitnesspal, under armour, nerdwallet amazon music team. i used to lead development for cloudplayer for android, the music player for kindle fire tablets, and the music store for kindle fire hd, iphone, and android (http://www.amazon.com/mp3 on your phone)

see the misc section for other projects and downloads that don't fit in the toolbar or my github page.